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  • Low power modules

    Compact modules with a comprehensive portfolio suitable for standard as well custom designed solutions integrating the latest chip technologies. The design without base plate, the flexible pin layout configuration and the fast assembly concept offer a cost effective and reliable solution for different applications such as general purpose drives, UPS, Photovoltaic, renewable energy and welding generators. View products

  • Medium power modules

    Standard packages power modules suitable for robust and reliable design. The design with copper base plate ensuring an optimized heat spreading allow an high current capability in applications such as variable speed drives, UPS, Photovoltaic, renewable energy and welding generators. View products

  • High power modules

    Optimized power modules for high power designs featuring a low inductive design and an easy paralleling. The high power density design with enhanced clearance and creepage design are the fulfil demanding applications such as Photovoltaic, wind and traction converters. View products

  • FRD/Rectifier

    Fast recovery diodes (FRD), thyristors and diodes combinations in modular construction. Bipolar Power Semiconductors are applied in the most varied fields of application in a power range of just a few kilowatts up to several giga watts. The voltage range is from 400V to 1600V and a current of 50A up to 600A. They are offered in several dual and single device topologies for almost all phase control or rectifier applications. Application areas are e.g. Electrical Drives, as well as low voltage soft starters and general purpose power supplies. View products

  • Customized Parts

    Special, custom-tailored models are offered in various packages, performance classes and connection technologies. Innovations such as sintering or the metallisation of the substrate with aluminium nitride, for increasing thermal conductivity are available and ensure a sufficient heat dissipation. Starpower is able to offer a pachaging flexibility without additional tooling costs for small and mid-size lots due to the innovative production methods. View products