High power applications

Optimized power modules for high power designs featuring a low inductive design and an easy paralleling.
The high power density design with enhanced clearance and creepage design fulfil demanding applications such as photovoltaic, wind and traction converters.

Innovations & Technologies

Sinter Technology for high-performance inverters

Owing to Sinter Technology, two sintered half bridge IGBT modules with 700A in 17mm housing are replacing one 1400A high power module. With the use of sinter technology, the reliability can be improved significantly, compared with soldered modules. The lifetime of a high-performance inverter is increased due to the high contact strength between chip and substrate. Power cycling tests showed an up to 10 times higher lifetime. As the Chip temperature will be increased by 25°C to 175°C, the customer can, depending on the application, select between various options of either increasing the output power or to extend the lifetime. On the one hand the output power could be increased without impact in reliability, on the other hand the module could be operated at the previous temperature with an increased life time. This effect could also lead into cost effective module selections by using a smaller Chip.

Low-inductance high-performance modules with silicon carbide

With new chip materials like silicon carbide (SiC), modules are further developed to improve switching speed, switching losses and temperature stability. SiC components allow the switching frequency to be increased up to 100 kHz. In combination with the sinter technology, StarPower is developing an extremely low-inductance package, with the aim of being able to offer an innovative high-temperature module of up to 200°C. This makes StarPower a trendsetter and

"With innovative materials and modern packaging technologies, we are setting the next milestone for our growth in Europe", explains Peter Frey, Managing Director of StarPower Europe AG. "Many of our major customers have been won over by the excellent quality of our power semiconductors and our innovative strength. Added to this is our flexibility – thanks to the lean hierarchies and short decision-making channels, which is a significant advantage for offering customised solutions.

TS16949 Automotive Certificate - new subsidiary in Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Science Park

The power semiconductor manufacturer StarPower focuses on high quality without compromises and offers much more than many European manufacturers. The company provides e-vehicle manufacturers with highly reliable automotive six-pack modules optimized for 150 kW and is certified according to the automotive norm TS16949, which has the highest requirements for production quality. To strengthen its automotive section, StarPower opens a new subsidiary in Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Science Park.