Privacy Policy

We know that the confidentiality of your data is important to you; it is also important for If you provide information concerning yourself - for example name, surname, postal address, electronic mail address or other personal data – it is used solely for the requested purposes.
Regarding the processing of personal data we comply with Swiss legislation governing protection of data and telecommunications.

Client data

When you visit our website various pieces of information are memorised. Some data is provided directly by the user when he or she registers for provision of services, such as for example the name, the address and the field of interest. Other data which is not personal is memorised through technical processes, for example the IP addresses. By using certain services such as prize-based games, discussion forums or chat areas, ordering goods or services or contacting us directly the user thereby provides us with other data.

Business relations with third parties

Our web site contains links to other offers. We have no control over processing of information shown on these pages by linked parties offering services. If you have any queries in this regard please contact these parties directly. We can not be held liable with regard to compliance with the laws governing the protection of data or with regards to the contents of these websites.


In certain circumstances we use what are known as cookies. A cookie is a small file sent by the web server to your Internet browser which is memorised by your computer. This allows us to recognize you the next time you visit our site. Cookies and other similar techniques are also used to execute certain processes, services and transactions, for example when you use a trash folder for your virtual expenditure in an electronic store on Internet. You can configure your browser so that before memorising a cookie a confirmation request appears on your screen or you can configure it so as to disallow cookies. You can also choose not to enjoy the advantages of personal cookies. In this case certain services cannot be used.

Use and transmission of data

We process your data in order to provide our services. Variations. We reserve the right to change our website at any time. Our aim is to provide you with a service which gets better and better and to protect your privacy; we are available if you need any information or have any queries: please contact our staff at the following e-mail address: