StarPower has developed sintered IGBT half-bridge modules in its European R&D Center.

Two sintered half bridge 700A modules in 17 mm-height are replacing one 1400A Module.

StarPower's latest innovation includes the newly developed sintered IGBT modules in the 17mm Package. By sintering the chips to the substrate, the rating can be increased from 600A to 700A. Thus, one 1400A "Primepack" can be replaced by two 700A 17mm modules connected in parallel. This system solution offers the user a significantly more cost-effective alternative.

Reliability of Primepack significantly improved by sintering

With the use of sinter technology, the reliability can be improved significantly for the 1400A, 1200V Primepack, compared with soldered modules. The lifetime of a high-performance inverter within wind energy, automotive and industrial drives is increased due to the increased contact strength between chip and substrate. Power cycling tests showed an up to 10 times higher lifetime.