StarPower expands its bipolar, rectifier and IGBT press-fit portfolio.

Cadenazzo- Switzerland -15.05.2015 The power Semiconductor manufacturer StarPower is a successful, dynamically growing company in the field of power electronics. StarPower Europe, located in Cadenazzo, Switzerland, with a branch in Nuremberg, Germany which is home to an R&D Centre, is the European branch of the Chinese power module manufacturer StarPower Semiconductor Ltd. with 350 employees. In the past fiscal year, StarPower achieved a record turnover of 70 million US dollars.

StarPower expands its portfolio with bipolar modules

StarPower has fulfilled the request made by many of its major customers: to offer, in addition to IGBT modules, now also diodes and thyristor modules in common housing types from one source. The product range has been expanded with diode modules from 50A to 600A and rectifier modules from 50 A – 210 A. The largest fields of application are the drive-systems market, power supplies, renewable energy such as the wind and solar market, welding applications as well as the traction and automotive market.

StarPower completes its IGBT series with press-fit modules

In addition to the IGBT series of modules in screw and solder contact technology, 600V, 1200V and 1700V IGBT modules will now also be available in press-fit technology. This contact technology frees the customer from having to do the soldering process in their production and is highly reliable. The press-fit modules are available in all common current classes.

All the new modules can be found on our website with data sheets and housing diagrams. There, one can easily make a selection according to the current and voltage classes, circuit types, chip type and module classification.