StarPower Offers Custom Modules for Special Requirements 

Cadenazzo, Switzerland, 02.02.2016 – StarPower Europe AG, the European subsidiary of the power semiconductor manufacturer StarPower Semiconductor Ltd., is expanding its product range with custom IGBT modules, thereby continuing its expansion in Europe.

The success in Europe is not only due to the broad product range of standard modules, but also the variety of custom module solutions, which StarPower develops based on the project.

1200V half-bridge modules in 62mm housing now up to 750A available, owing to aluminium nitride

Besides the conventional 450A version, the rating of the 1200V half-bridge modules in the 62mm housing can be increased to 600A or 750A through a variation of the chip combination. Special models are offered in case there are specific requirements for AC motors and power supplies, which are customized for the intended application.

One innovation is the metallisation of the substrate with aluminium nitride, for increasing thermal conductivity and ensuring sufficient heat dissipation of the components. This design and connection technology is available for 1200V modules in 62mm housings with up to 750A. Customers value the possibilities of the special design, as they receive an even greater degree of custom-tailored support for technical issues.

New 3-level IGBT modules in various packages and performance classes

The popular 3-level special modules can also be produced in various packages and performance classes. StarPower is able to offer this flexibility without additional tooling costs for small and mid-size lots due to the innovative production methods.

There are currently close to 30 special modules available.