StarPower is further advancing its market position strength in Europe

Cadenazzo, Switzerland, 24.11.2014 – The power semiconductor manufacturer StarPower Europe AG is opening the European R&D Centre at its branch in Nuremberg, Germany, on 01.11.2014, which will be directed by Christian Kroneder. Mr Kroneder was a Development Manager for 18 years for modules, as well as for systems at Semikron.

'Our aim is to research and test new technologies, packages and materials for power semiconductors, in order to develop future generations of models for StarPower', says Peter Frey, Managing Director StarPower Europe AG. 'As a technology partner of major European customers, we make sure that their requirements flow directly into the further development of the products.' The R&D Centre ensures that innovations and trends within Europe are integrated into the development of future products. The Nuremberg location is ideal, as there are a number of companies and research facilities in the field of power electronics that have established themselves here. Mr Kroneder will direct a development team stationed in China which will report directly to him.